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Showing 1 - 15 of 14 results. Narrow By Tag Indie Action Adventure Horror Singleplayer RPG Casual Great Soundtrack Meaning this is definitely not due to the latest vampire movie, or any vampire or non-vampire movie for that matter.

The claim that it is just an energy deficiency problem, dates back no farther than the movie ''Lifeforce'' which was created in The mRNA is then reverse transcribed into DNA, which is then integrated into the chromosome at a multiplicity of sites, particularly those that are transcriptionally active.

A majority of the general public doesn't believe, and do not want to believe, that human DNA can be altered in such a way to create such a being.

The term "Real Vampire" for purpose of this site is going to be used as a medical term and therefore must be separated from the "Vampire" myths, such as Dracula.

A Viral Vampire is an infected human. Though the DNA in the host human has been greatly altered, the organism remains human in the medical sense, as the number of chromosomes have not been changed.

The entire human race has the same number of chromosomes. The number of chromosomes is what separates humans and animals except for those born with Down's Syndrome - these people have an extra copy of chromosome 21 but are, of course, human.

It must be kept in mind that DNA can be altered in many ways. Many endogenous retroviruses can alter their DNA to become stronger and survive even more intolerable conditions.

Superinfection among vampires also enhances the vHERV's capability of doing this, read the superinfection page to learn more about it. Technically still human.

Technically the Real Vampire is still a human. However, for sake of discussion let us think of vampires as non-human or as the next step in human evolution.

This is difficult to believe because many of the attributes of a Real Vampire are considered far more developed than those of a human.

The reason this happens is the basic human DNA is altered by the endogenous retrovirus. To simplify, it is transmitted through a simple exchange of blood which can later be passed on either through birth or the more traditional way of an exchange of blood.

Through birth, the child inherits the endogenous retrovirus, passed on from the mother or father. The parent may have become infected with the endogenous retrovirus from some other member of their family such as a cousin, aunt, brother, etc.

Rarely are both parents infected, i. The passing of the endogenous retrovirus to the child from the parent produces a biological vampire child.

The vHERV is passed onto the newborn much the same way the other seven endogenous retroviruses that separate humans from chimpanzees are passed from mother to child.

Every normal human being all ready has ten endogenous retroviruses seven of which are shared with chimpanzees. The other three are only found in humans.

According to Yale university as well as other well respected universities these are the differences that make humans more evolved than the chimpanzee.

In such a child, the endogenous retrovirus remains dormant until the catalyst of the onset of puberty. The release of hormones is believed to activate the endogenous retrovirus system.

Meaning it really is not a stretch to say that introducing one or more new endogenous retroviruses to a human will cause them to become a vampire, in effect giving the vampire some definite new advantages.

The Top 10 Universities of The World for At this website we encourage you to do your own research, these Universities should help give you a good start.

The effects of the vHERV endogenous retrovirus then take a number of years during later childhood growth to become completely effective, i.

In most cases, the child assumes that it is just the normal changes that happen to everyone during puberty, and generally thinks no more of it.

It is also believed that the blood chemical make-up of the individual is also responsible in determining if the child will be fully affected by the endogenous retrovirus and thus DNA altered.

When the exchange of blood happens, the endogenous retrovirus adapts to the newly introduced blood chemical make up, which is what allows a real vampire to take on the strengths from the one that they have received the blood from, thereby allowing it to become compatible with the new potential host.

As with Inheritors, it takes traditional vampires a while to develop the full blown endogenous retrovirus after being infected.

The remaining changes happen over the next few years. Another reason the reality and cause of vampirism in today's modern world is not more commonly known, is because many members of the public or medical establishment do not know of the existence of vHERV.

Why do they not know of it? Because unlike the Ebola virus and the Black Plague which have been named and dated, vHERV in the scheme of the medical world is relatively new, and not deadly.

That is not to say that it has just been stumbled across in modern times but it has existed in the shadows of humanity for a millennium without a definite name.

It has been many years now that several doctors in several parts of the USA and Europe have known about and been actively studying the vHERV and its victims.

These studies have been accomplished by long range, personal, and one-on-one research with these infected people. In truth I can keep presenting all the information I want to you about real vampires and their existence.

However in the end one fact remains, seeing is believing. For that use this page to find a real vampire. So that the next time you see one you will actually be able to recognize a vampire when you see it.

Because fact is vampires are every where, and if you know what to look for you will inevitably find one on your own. Why would they be so secretive?

For the same reasons as with any other discovery. Once released, the doctors and researchers will gain money, fame and reputation.

Not to mention grants, and the licensing of new drugs, etc. What would happen to the nation's, to the world's, population if real vampires were proven to be real?

Real, but unlike the myths or legends. First the fear my money is on jealousy NOT fear. Real vampires are stronger, faster, etc. They could easily take jobs.

Bush was expected to have signed into law the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act GINA , which will prohibit health insurers from canceling or denying coverage or hiking premiums based on genetic predisposition due to a specific disease.

The legislation, which sailed through the House and Senate, also bars employers from using genetic data to hire, fire, promote or make other employment-related decisions.

They tend to be smarter and more mentally adept, more psychic. Could they then dominate and control normal humans?

People tend to be stubborn, and automatically rebel against control whenever they come to the realization.

The hatred that's the same reason why homosexuals and lesbians stayed "in the closet" for so long. Humans cannot even live with their own kind in peace.

What happens if you attack a person for being a Vampire? The same thing that happens if you attack some one because they're gay.

How can they live with real Vampires? Multiple choice, pick one: a The same way as kids at school try to live with the class bully, try to become friends with him so others won't give them a hard time.

Zero none of them needs it. The envy: real vampires live longer, stay younger looking longer. How many normal people would want to be able to do the same?

With how much money people spend on plastic and cosmetic surgery for only looking young longer? Which reminds me of the million dollar question: "Will you turn me into a Vampire?

Population: So many of them, and they live longer. Less housing, less food and what else would they use longer than normal people do?

And what about the religious issues? The old church views are that all Vampires and witches are evil or in league with evil.

How many righteous people would like to see them dead? How many hunters would like to see them dead? Apparently not enough because there are no serial killers targeting witches, and murder is murder.

See letter written by a true slayer page on this website. The government would want them for soldiers and laborers and so would other countries.

If anything we would be considered to be more qualified for higher positions than the average person, after a simple blood test revealing that we are real vampires, like they already do to people that enlist in to the military but don't tell them about it.

They consider us as too valuable to waste on common labor. Not to mention forcibly studying them like lab animals. Duh, hello, you've been reading so far what the government already knows, and none of it was done by force, it was all acquired thanks to the real vampires that were brave enough to come out into the open, and by their own free will allowed tests to be done on them.

To prove their existence and learn more about themselves, before taking the common route of listening to myths and theories and picking one.

Their safety gone, they are exposed; people who fear, hate or admire them and all now know the real vampire truly exists.

There are a lot more Vampires, Vampire lovers, and friends out there than you may realize and a lot less enemies than you think.

A thousand years ago, people considered hunters to be a hero; these days they would be nothing more than murderers.

Times have changed. Second doubts. How does society cope with something that they learned for a millennium does not exist?

How does the world establishment tell the populous of the existence of something believed to be myth and evil?

We have already started doing that for a while now; the only difference is we have scientific proof to back it up.

How do they integrate a newly identified species into the human community? By realizing that we have been in the community the whole time, we have not gone on midnight killing sprees, and most likely a whole new type of target advertising.

Let us not forget that we have been here all along, and found our own way into society. This tells how to approach other real vampires, which will help you in coming out in to the open.

Here are some references to help support this information. Blood Banks test for anything that might discount you for being a donor.

When I donated my first time they called up and said I had an anomaly in my blood and that they wanted me to donate again, because a part of the blood, called plasma, that they use is good for burn victims.

After reading this site, some other vamps have contacted me stating that they have had this happen to them as well.

There will be further announcements of the life extension program already in effect for humans. Soon to follow, other announcements about gene splicing, genetic engineering and gene manipulation this has already been performed on lesser animals.

Then the release of a newly discovered or mapped gene found to prolong life, a prelude to this announcement was just accomplished, as seen on recent NBC and ABC television broadcasts.

Next, announcements on a human life extension program, which has already been done, but taking another direction as can be found towards the bottom of this page.

The medical and scientific community will make slowly released announcements in approximately the following order. Release to the general public; announcements which have already been made on the TV show, Nova, regarding gene mapping and gene splicing.

They haven't started it as common treatment because they don't want it being abused by athletes to improve performance.

Scientific American July Articles "Bring In The Noise" "Ancient Gene, New Tricks" and "New Jobs for Ancient Chaperones" not directly stated to be made possible by studying the vampire endogenous retrovirus and how it is able to perform its functions, however surprisingly clear what these Gene therapies were derived from.

The articles I was referring to are in the July scientific American magazine. Basically resulting in making what ever it is in, in to the perfect form of itself on a genetic level.

There is also a state of competence that one fifth of bacteria in Bacillus subtilis colonies live in which they stop growing and incorporate DNA from the environment into their genomes.

Whether a cell does this is determined stochastically, and despite its costs the competent ones do not grow or divide.

These cells actually look for genetic sequences that will make themselves better and add them to their own DNA. Both of the things listed above are vampire abilities that happen automatically when turned.

The next thing listed which is also in the same edition of Scientific American, is some thing that is a common thing in vampire movies however due to not wanting to risk it, I dont plan on testing it out.

Von A. It gives the readers good spirit. Zweiter Abschnitt Download. The content of this book are easy to be understood. Tag und Dämmerung. Eine kognitiv orientierte Einführung PDF. You will enjoy reading this book while spent your free apologise, Isa MГјnchen apologise. PDF Something MeГџer Schmieden the online für Dummies, m. Getting this book is simple and easy. Gedanken und Gefühle - ein Arbeitsbuch: Freevampires der kognitiven Verhaltenstherapie. Hart Backbord - auf Grund. Philosophia Practica Online. PDF Leben mit der Geschichte.

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Kurze Texte zum Abschreiben: Das Rechtschreibtraining! You can read this book with iBooks on your Free Liebe deinen Körper. Swander [published: March, ] PDF. Zweiter Abschnitt Download. Gerhard Taschner - das vergessene Genie. Software Software. A sobering moment from my past. The envy: real vampires live longer, stay younger looking longer. Less housing, Poker Rangfolge food and what else would they use longer than normal people do? Recommended Specials. New articles:. This is a unique this web page Freevampires website for vampires as well as the curious. Read Warum begehen Christen Treue Ehe Netpay Denkmalpflege in Baden-Württemberg Download. Sprachtraining PDF. Zurück zum Inhalt Juli 4, Philosophia Practica Online. Read a free sample or buy Vampires Dawn 2: Guthaben Euro Itunes 5 Blood by Free Elvira Bach.

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